posted on: October 19, 2019 13:41

Loyalty and responsibility

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

To consider the feminine genus less valuable, less important, less intelligent ... just because they are women (weaker sex than men), or even compare them to animals (trying to diminish the value as a human being), is pure ignorance, unproductiveness or wickedness! Such an ideology is pure hatred of the feminine genus!

Based on the wrong worldview, supposedly the animal ¨law of the stronger¨, to give himself the right to have dominion over a woman (similar to slavery ...), is purely mindless and injustice, because even in animals their mutual value of females and males is equal (although they have different characteristics and purpose).

Those who devalue the feminine genus, in fact devalue themselves (confirm their mindlessness or wickedness), because the fact is that unfortunately they were born by women – mothers (as well as the most most honorably people who lived on Earth, in the history of mankind)! Neither feminine nor masculine gender should be discriminated against!

Those who do not they do not admit the family, or advocate death i.e. or advocate death i.e. violent termination of life in the mother's womb (abortion), should start from themselves, because according to their own principles, their mothers would not give birth to them (but would abort them, i.e. kill them)!

The way every man treats others (especially the weak), best indicates the value of any such man!

How a man treats a woman correctly (weak in gender), this confirms his integrity, knowledge and pro-breathability, and it also applies vice versa!

All life (on the planet – Earth, from the beginning the creation of the world) was designed and created on the principle of male and female, on the basis of which there is life on Earth (all living beings, including humans).

Every natural community, including the human family, is created on the principle of male and female, according to the Creator's Defaults! The family was invented not by men, but by the Mystery that created men and gave them the self-sustainability of life (of their own kind), as well as all living things!

The secretive Almighty and Omnipresent Creator... from the beginning he created a man and a woman to be a whole together!

A woman and a man have equal value before the Creator!

In honor of the Creator's Work, we honor the Creator!

To claim to respect the Mystery Almighty and Ubiquitous Creator (whom we can only partially know) and not respect the people we live with is pure hypocrisy! It's the same with fidelity in marriage!

Fidelity to a wife and a man is equally valid, because as loyal a husband is to his wife and wife to his husband, so much is actually both loyal to themselves and the Creator!

Love is the meaning and strength of all communion and family, and loyalty is a shield, while responsibility is the key to the survival of every healthy family (in accordance with life values, based on the Creator's Defaults)!

With our loyalty in responsible love and truth, on the right path of living, we truly reach our fulfillment and the culmination of our battle – genesis and existence!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo's: Natalya Zaritskaya, Mayur Gala)

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