posted on: October 12, 2019 17:50

Doing good leads to the Truth

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

The lie is always a small ¨harmless¨ one at the beginning, and over time it expands like an infection into a real foggy avalanche, which grinds, traps and destroys everything in front of it (whatever it manages to grasp - to win over through blind belief, i.e., deception).

Man, through his naïve blind belief (not using common sense and the power of reflection—the Creator's Default), eventually inadvertently becomes himself a participant, a spreader of contagion—human lies.

By gradually feeding on lies, lies to man become his conviction—his truth.

Dishonorable people as creators of lies and a suitable system of lies, except that they hate the Truth and do not want to know it, because of their wickedness, such are actually incapable of having to know the Truth (whether they are pig or not)!

The disease of lying lies with all hypocrites and criminals (throughout the history of mankind), at the expense of others, and ultimately yourself!

Addiction to lying stems from faulty living and wickedness, because as such, only by lying or coercion can it be ostensibly portrayed as just ...!

All lies of scribes, rulers, etc. (honoring exceptions), never existed for the good of the people, but for concealing their own evil, greed, greediness for power …

In an attempt to prevent physical evil, a conscious part of healthy humanity (United Nations - UN) has devised various international agreements on the rights of man (Geneva Agreement on the rights of prisoners, etc.).

Despite humanity's positive efforts, there will always be those (new rulers, dishonorable scribes, etc.) who will try to circumvent justice, by all possible methods available, through bribes and with the help of lies (with the appropriate ¨science¨, ¨justice¨, or some religion), conceal their wickedness and move on in their evil insidious goals.

In the history of mankind, human evils are concealed and justified by lies, in the name of ¨truth¨, in the name of ¨science¨ and in the name of ¨god¨ or in the name of ¨justice¨.

Whenever the true truth comes out, criminals and their servants cover up (fixing) lies, with new lies, translations ..., but ultimately, they still revolve around the same fundamental human lies.

All the fraudsters of the world lose power the moment they are stopped blindly trusted; it is only necessary to start checking and investigating them, because the Truth exposes and incapacitates them!

An uncorrupted and honorable man of common sense, truly spiritualized and enriched with true knowledge, based on good deeds, is able to know and witness the Truth!

Let us be unwavering spreaders and defenders of truth!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: Will Van)

© 2021 Kristijan Nokaj