posted on: April 4, 2021 19:00

Eternal Life

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

A truly just and good human, is able to know the Mysterious Almighty and All present Creator, then to recognize his boundless and all present action! Starting from the ancient Vedas, Buddha, Jesus, until today!

This Mystery of the whole universe is embodied among humans only voluntarily and always for the benefit of mankind (and not for the sake of individuals, or because of himself - his name - his own glorification, etc.).

Throughout history, people, out of ignorance, or their own corruption, interpret and identify the Creator with worldly rulers, and for that reason the Creator is called by various human titles and ranks (lord of lords, king of kings, great lord - great lord, supreme, highest, strongest, terrible ...), which in fact in Spiritual Reality it has no meaning - any value.

People in general with such ignorance humiliate themselves and keep themselves in a spiritual blockade, and for many the desire is just the opposite, to know the Truth and experience prosperity through that Mysterious Truth and inner peace!

Truth from the Truth is embodied among humans, to free people who are trapped by human ignorance and lies, so that the righteous may know true righteousness, the good may know true goodness, the bereaved may know true joy…; that good people do not give up the path of goodness and justice…

For the true slavery of mankind does not consist of physical chains, but of human absence from common sense, absence from the Mysterious Source of Eternal Life - the inextinguishable Light of Life - Absolute Goodness!

Humanity without the Mysterious Truth (Almighty and All present Creator…) is like nature without the sun!

We are and should be children of the sun, i.e., sons of Light (thought, word and deeds), that is the meaning of our life and existence!

Whoever kills life has condemned himself to self-destruction; and he who chooses to live, nurtures and defends life; it will be of his own choosing; he will have life for eternity!

Jesus is that Creator's Truth: Truth from Truth ...

Although the Truth liberates every human, corrupt rulers and scribes (because of their own wickedness, their own lies and greed ...) saw this truth as their own ruin, which should be prevented at all costs - taken away from their people and other nations!

Jesus testified of the importance of good works, righteousness, knowledge, and true spirituality, and how extremely important it is to persevere in this until the end of one's earthly life.

Although injustice happens to someone, or he is physically tortured and killed (he testified that) it is certainly not the end, nor does it mean that these (tortured, or killed) people were abandoned by the Creator, because the Creator leaves no one, but people leave the Creator (only) by his evil deeds! The Creator sympathizes with every human being because He lives in us, around us, and in the entire universe!

Jesus testified (to those who were hungry for the Truth) about life after physical death - about the final birth - the Mysterious Eternal Life!

Many did not understand it then, so it is sadly so today; however, the Truth is real, it has never ceased to be revealed; it is still published and fulfilled today. No matter how dishonest people tried to prevent and erase it!

What is the difference between human lies (which are subverted under the Truth) and the Mysterious Truth itself?

Human lies can survive only through deception and coercion, while the Mysterious Truth (is Alive and Immortal), is true and revealed today (and will be so as long as there is life on the planet), but only voluntarily through common sense and true spirituality; wherever one truly cherishes, respects and defends Life and life values!

Praised Jesus and M-ary!

May the Truth be resurrected among all of us; grant us true peace, show us the right solutions and lead us to true prosperity!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

© Kristijan Nokaj