posted on: June 8, 2019 22:00

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Out of healthy mind - Common Sense

A corrupt man, when he hears that you are a good friend with a person, he will say that you are lovers ...; if he sees you in company with children, he will say that you are a pedophile ...; if he hears that you are a family man, he will say that you are antisocial and old-fashionable, etc.

Spoiled people measure everything by themselves and when they are urgently comforted, they should give up everything (friend, friend, family ...) i.e., they should stop living properly, although even that would not be enough for them (they would still grumble ...)! Such corrupt and dumbfounded people — beyond common sense, neither can we please, nor do we need it!

Whatever you do, a madman will still be obliged to declare you insane, because any such mind-neglected man measures everything exclusively according to his lost worldview!

Whatever good you do, there can always be a mindless man who will try to abuse it!

If an honorable man respected the opinion of a mindless man, he would inevitably eventually become a mindless man himself!

It is futile to waste your precious time on detractors ..., appreciating the opinions of corrupt people, thereby losing the true meaning of his proper living! On planet Earth, currently home to about 8 billion people (7.53), it is madness to waste your inner peace, your precious time, on a few fools and corrupt people!

Those who live other people's lives have no time, no intention, and no reason to live their lives! Such pests because of their dumbness and wickedness, can not know the true meaning of Life, do not have their own peace, and by living in a mess themselves, they do harm and disorder to others!

So, people who denigrate other people, they are dishonorable people and are alone in spiritual darkness!

That's why we're not surprised by those lost... and let us not allow anyone to discourage us in the Creator's Way (Truth and Life), but we persistently preserve and defend the true values of life, living properly in the Spirit of true Love!

Let us dedicate our precious time to all that brings us good, true peace and prosperity!

The opinions of honorable and reasonable people are important, and more important is the joint action and joint expansion of a healthy worldview for the common good!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: Ed Hinchliffe)

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