posted on: June 12, 2019 22:13

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Intruders and the evil teaching

The only intruder – an enemy disguised as a good father would leave his children to the uncertain evil - the evil future!

Only a vicious and mindless shepherd would let wolves (thieves, bandits, vagrants ...) into the tor among his sheep!

It is the same with all chiefs, leaders, rulers ...! The one...who would let the villains, the invaders... and untested people among his people, must be extremely vicious, for a responsible, reasonable and good head would not advise it to another people, let alone allow it over his people!

Any exceptional and deliberate action to the detriment of the people and the state must be legally strictly punishable (whoever it is – without exception ...)! All state institutions must not only legally care for the welfare of the people as a whole, but also for the truly most vulnerable parts of the people and legally verified correct immigrants, and emigrants!

From the moment you become a member of one people, society, community, family, then like every member ..., it is necessary to be caring, responsible, benevolent and correct ..., otherwise you must bear the legal consequences (¨go devil where are they looking for you ... ̃)!

Truly benevolent people who are accepted into communion will not, and must not support and spread any evil, but show respect to those who have accepted them! Just malicious people, supporting and nurturing some evil ideology! That is why it is inadmissible for anyone to be admitted to their fellowship ..., if they do not renounce evil ideology ...!

To repay good with evil is done only by extremely evil, dishonest, unspiritual non-humans, who as soon as they get the opportunity and power, will carry out their insidious profitable evil intention!

A responsible and sane human would not let enemies (bandits, robbers ...) into the house among his household members, but would invite the household members on vigilance and defense, and he himself would stand in defense (according to possibilities) and at the cost of living!

Letting a wolf into your tor is not humanity, but extreme nonsense or badness - evil!

A good and conscious man cannot possibly and never be bought off by the enemy, for his vigilance and honor does not allow him to do anything that opposes himself and his determined life commitment!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

© 2021 Kristijan Nokaj