posted on: June 18, 2019 22:27

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Be your friend

Everything the Creator has created makes sense! First of all be a friend of man, a friend of the Creator's Acts, respecting all life and the environment of life!

Our life friends are also sun, rest, exercise, composure – spiritual peace and common sense! However, any intemperateness (in food and drink, in rest, entertainment, even the sun without which no one can) is harmful and becomes our enemy! Moderation in everything is the being of proper living!

If we are not our own friends, then we cannot be friends with thy neighbors or humanity! In a man ruled by disorder and unrest, nothing significant good can hardly come!

Restlessness and disorder distract us from proper reflection and common sense, leading us to dumbing down, harmful decisions and ultimately evil deeds, and through evil deeds we destroy our souls!

Every man's true and greatest enemy stems from the absence of the Secretive Spirit of Truth and Life, from man's disregard for life values and the Creator's Defaults within us!

If a man were left alone in the world, he would realize that the true enemy of his soul is not another man, but most often his own greatest enemy! Any reasonable man can know that truth!

Those who do not allow a reasonable understanding of the battles of the Mystery of the Almighty and The Omnipotent Creator of all life ..., it is impossible for them to know the true value of the meaning of life!

By true common-sense knowledge of the Creator's Mystery Spirit, living in this Spirit of Truth and Life (by thought, word, and deeds), we find true spiritual peace, we conquer ourselves, we become truly Free, and thus we contribute to the betterment of our fellowmen and to the whole world!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: Samuel Silitonga)

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