posted on: August 3, 2019 19:14

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Truth Path

True love and true knowledge always go together (never separately), because people successfully preserve, nurture and defend true love with common sense and true knowledge, as well as vice versa! True love and knowledge are complemented and supported together —both form a whole!

The true followers of Jesus act effectively on the basis of the true Teaching of Jesus—in the Spirit of Truth and Life!

The fundamental purpose of the action of Jesus' followers is the Truth, supported by good deeds in proper living (love, knowledge, justice, devotion ... and defending these life values and life itself)!

Following the Path of Truth and Life requires knowledge and respect above all self, life around you, and the Mystery that created everything (the Almighty and Omnipresent Creator of all life ...)!

Only by common sense can we truly follow the essence of Jesus' teaching, the Path of Truth and Life that comes true in us and all around us!

A man can hear the truth, but he can't know it, because only a good and reasonable man is capable of knew the true truth! The success of man's knowledge of truth, it resembles the germination of good seed in a fertile land!

A good seed for fertile land is like the truth for a virtuous man! Truth in good reason lives and brings good deeds to man, and good seed in fertile land bears healthy fruits!

Persistently in common sense, we walk the path of truth with courage, awake, wise and courageously!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

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