posted on: August 17, 2019 11:42

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Fearless like the Rock

Every man should be honorable and beneficial in his or her life, and at the same time be as unwavering, righteous, and fearless as a samurai in defense of life and life values (from every kind of evil).

That is why I see martial arts as a knightly sporting combat discipline, and I proudly take Stipe Miočić as an example (in this topic), because it is in many of his virtues that I have recognized a part of myself (family man, Christian and patriot).

A man who prides himself on his Croatian roots (genes of stone), loves and respects the country in which he lives (USA), and does his job with honor (which is obviously a good fruit of family upbringing).

Such a man is a good role model for young people, because in him young people can recognize a proud patriot, a jokey, kind and family man - a Christian, and yet on the other hand a knight, a man who in the most difficult sporting martial discipline is a multiple world champion.

People who aren't interested in this sport, logically don't see anything special about it and I understand them. However, personally as a lover of mixed martial arts, which I have been training myself (since I was nine years old ...), I am aware of how much effort and sweat it takes to achieve such results.

Of course, because of my more important life goals, I gave up the competition, so that (instead of fighting in the ring) I could dedicate myself to fighting for the common good ...

As a man who strives for the path of truth and life, in sports I see life's valuable qualities, which all people can apply and nurture in their lives, which is: Discipline (order and work), perseverance (despite efforts and difficulties ...), modesty and truthfulness (admit your sins and work on them according to possible training), constant life school (regardless of the knowledge already realized, you can always learn more), thinking (recognize good advice from harmful ...), proper nutrition ... Etc.

That is why I recognize the exceptional importance of every sport, and I especially appreciate every correct athlete (who is a good role model for others in his proper life)!

Just as it is a great joy and honor for every true athlete, to have the opportunity to be trained by the best teacher in the world, it is similar, but truly indescribably great life wealth, to have for the teacher Jesus Christ who is the way of Truth and Life! However, no teacher in the world will do the part that is on us!

Nobody gave Stipe Miočić these successes, but he fought hard for it himself.

It is the same with the true values of life and that spiritual wealth that remains for eternity!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: Stipe Miočić

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