posted on: August 24, 2019 21:08

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Brave spreaders of truth

Unconditional Love is the beginning and meaning of the creation of human and humanity, and its true fulfillment!

Human is the inimitable work of the Almighty and Ubiquitous Creator ..., infinitely valuable and precious, and every man by the Creator's Defaults is in his own goodness!

No human is born corrupted, but it becomes ...! Human corruptness stems from social external bad and evil influences (poor upbringing in the family, poor activity of poor disordered political, religious, scientific and educated institutions).

It is sad and tragic when a man unreasonably accepts existing social evils through his life, because in addition to becoming a victim of evil himself (cunningly imposed dumbing down, unproduction and wickedness), he also becomes a participant in this evil - the carrier of infection on his environment!

Corrupt man due to acquired stupidity and unspirituality, begins to "find" his meaning in hatred - "solve" with hatred, thus becoming dangerous to himself and others – similar to the deadly bodily disease (cancer ...) that first destroys the human body, only to eventually face its own destruction!

Heavy mortal a disease like cancer, destroys a man's body, and when the body is destroyed, eventually cancer (a successful conqueror and occupier) experiences its own inevitable destruction! It is similar to corrupt people who fight against everything that makes the state regulated, and the people morally and spiritually healthy!

Therefore, good people should reject any blind belief, so as not to inadvertently become accomplices of evil (evil teachings – ideologies ... and ultimately evil deeds).

Likewise, good people who ponder with their heads (preserved by common sense – the Creator's Gift, who are already immune to human dumbness and unproduction - fanaticism) without proper defense, can easily become victims of criminals (squire rulers, emissaries, etc.)!

With our persistent and correct living, let us be the founders of a better and more correct society, a more ordered state and holders of true knowledge and true spirituality (for the general benefit)!

Let us be spreaders of good - soothing true knowledge of life, based on the Creator's Defaults!

Let us be honorable defenders of truth, life, and life values—let us be the Creator's Light to the world!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: Touann Gatouillat

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