posted on: September 8, 2019 14:50

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Same justice for everyone

What kind of justice is if it is not the same for all - all living beings and people - nations? Do not fall lightly into anyone's apparent righteousness and holiness, for the true righteous and the Saints are never unjust (selfish, nor helpful and one-sided in justice), but are for all-round true justice and peace!

Righteousness is never and by no means selfish and hypocritical, but true, i.e. true. versatile – equal for all (otherwise it is not fairness, but fraud in the name of justice ̃)!

It is hypocrisy to seek justice for oneself, and at the same time to do injustice to another; seek freedom for oneself, and at the same time take away someone's freedom; claim their rights without respecting other people's rights and their duties; seek independence for yourself and at the same time make it impossible for someone else!

Such a thing is a preceding and hypocritical righteousness, similar to an example, if a parent sought good and justice for their children while endangering the future of other people's children.

It is hypocritical, wicked and harmful to criticize anyone who speaks and does good, just because they supposedly do not do it perfectly, and disobey those who deliberately and obviously act at the expense of the common good and justice!

Do not fall for the external appearance of "holiness" and "righteousness" of various representatives ..., do not believe blindly what they say, nor how newspapers and media ... because journalists write what they are paid (honoring them with exceptions) and behind the so-called holiness or justice often hides lies deception - evil, and vice versa, often slander and denigrate good people.

There have always been people (journalists ...) who are in the service of evil, but always find those honorable people (journalists ...) – lovers of truth, who oppose every evil, with their honor refuse to be servants of evil (whether at the expense of their people, or other nations)!

Let us beware of every man who defames others, for every slander derives from spiritually devastated people (mindless or villainous) —from those who do so to justify their misdeeds, to hide their own wickedness (all because of selfish breakthroughs and pride).

One of the main weapons of the enemy (internal or external) is to spread panic, intimidate, dumb down ... (take away the power of reflection) common sense and consciousness, and erase the identity and self-sustainability of man and people.

He who manages to catch a man in a lie or ̃ just ̃ in an act is clearly a conscious and courageous man, because the lie of the ̃svetoga ̃ or the wrongdoing of the "just" ̃, cannot possibly be a coincidence (and to a smart and honest man this is enough to recognize evil disguised as good).

The righteous and the unjust, the saints and the unseeded can speak equally ostensibly beautifully, but the works give them away, for they are by no means equal to them. The only and most effective condition of recognizing who is who (who is the sleuth, or truly just, who is dependent, or truly independent ...), are always their actions.

No righteous man shall be guided by the ¨teachings¨ of the supposedly spiritual, scholars, historians, and all others who are in the service of evil politics, to glorify any rulers of tyrants who have acted or are acting against the welfare of their own and other peoples.

Instead of glorifying criminals and raising monuments to them, greatness is worthy only of honorable people, deserving of defense against aggression and the freedom of the people, and truly deserving contributors to the progress of the human race!

Justice, if it's not equal for everyone, it's not justice!

Jesus is the embodiment of truth, the way of proper and righteous human life; he who was unjustly tortured and physically murdered, in order to silence him, i.e. prevented the nations truth and justice for the common good!

I understand those who don't seem to have justice. Unfortunately, it only seems that way, but all of us who are on the side of truth, we should be righteous and insistently stand up for it, vigilantly defending true justice, which must be equal for all!

Justice has always existed in people, only a few people need to wake up once and use the common sense they have thanks to the Almighty and Omnipresent Creator ...!

The keys to true peace are found in the Spirit of Truth, in the common sense and in the hands of an conscious man and a people!

Let us be just, let us not support anyone's and no policies that warm to evil (aggression, conquest, occupation, economic covert impoverishment ...), but only those policies that aspire and persevere with the economic progress of their people, and at the same time not to harm and harm other nations – policies based on true knowledge, justice and defense (the achieved level of development).

Good people must never give up true kindness, righteousness and knowledge, but wisely put them into practice with common sense!

May the Spirit of the Almighty and All-present Creator ... leads and brave on the true Path of Enlightenment!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: Charlein Gracia)

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