posted on: September 28, 2019 15:33

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Imposed thorns

All ideologies of evil and lies derive from people who are absent from the Spirit of Truth!

All existing forces of evil, unresolved and deposited throughout human history, are the cause of all today's world problems and difficulties in reaching and achieving the right healthy path of living humanity.

The human evil caused suffocates, prevents and advances humanity in knowledge, spirituality and general progress of proper living and existence!

All this evil in humanity - created and imposed thorns in the way of Truth and Life, derives from human evil deeds, from people who fight against the truth and do not respect life!

People absent from the Spirit of Truth (for their greedy goals) seek to take away other people's personality, truth, and to hold them in persuasive lies, in imposed blind belief, in slavery!

Such mindless people (sows and creators of evil) seek in every possible way to prevent others from enlightenment, and to make them like themselves (all because of their insatiable greed ...).

We know that the life path of truth can mostly be thorny—painstaking, but this thorniness is not a consequence of the Creator's action, but it is a product, i.e., a product of the Creator's work. the consequences of human ignorance, unproduction, imposed lies and wickedness - wickedness!

The secretive Source of Eternal Life (the Omniscient and Omniscient Creator of all the visible and the invisible, known and unknown, accessible and inaccessible ...) who is the Truth and the Source of All Truth, prevents no one in the way of truth; whoever claims otherwise, he or she himself inadvertently lives in lies and delusion, or maliciously fights the Truth and acts at the expense of the people!

The Almighty and All-present Creator ..., does not make it difficult and not to prevent anyone (in any way) from truly living in the Spirit of Truth and Life, but helps us only on that right path!

The Almighty and Ubiquitous Creator ... it does not hide the truth from us, but helps us to know the truth and man is the greatest support of living properly in the Spirit of Truth, Love and Goodness —in true spirituality (because of the survival of every man individually, all life and the environment of life)!

Regardless of the imposed thorns and however difficult it may sometimes be in our lives, let us be encouraged and be fearless like the Rock, because in the Spirit of Truth there is a true inner peace and meaning of life!

Boldly and collected through the power of knowledge in common sense, let us persevere in the Spirit of Truth and Life—on the path of true enlightenment, for the general benefit!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photo: J. Jack)

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