posted on: January 31, 2019 22:00

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Honorable Defenders of Truth and Life

All the good of this world derives from the Source of Eternal Life (almighty Creator ...), while all evil is the creation of mankind and derives from human alienation from fundamental life values, from the absence of the Spirit of Truth and Life!

That is why in human history there is a constant relentless struggle between good and evil. Only good people (in different areas of life) oppose human wickedness through their actions, which is why life on earth survives. Otherwise, mankind would have self-destructed by now!

Whenever institutions make an observation in defense of truth and life values, or worse, consciously betray the Truth and reject life values (essential to the survival of the people and humanity), then the only thing left for the people to do is stand up for themselves to defend Truth and Life because of its survival!

Justice is not and cannot be justice without Truth! A law without truth is unjust and harmful— imposed evil! The purpose of all human righteous laws is to protect man and people from all injustice and destruction! Truth and life values make the people healthy and survival!

Of vital importance for every single man is what he opts for. If you have opted for hypocrisy, for hypocrisy ..., all because of selfishness, charity ..., then in fact you betray truth and life, to the universal detriment of mankind. If you have opted for Truth and Life, then you have chosen the hard way, but the only right and honorable path, the path of conscience and common sense, for the general well-being (yourself and humanity)!

There is always the possibility of choosing your life's path! You can be a spiritual dead man, a forgery without honor, in the service of human wicked and addictive, with which you become a slave in the path of total self-destruction! In contrast, you can boldly side with Truth and Life, be an honorable man, fearless and unwavering as the Rock, until your physical death, i.e., your body's death. final birth!

May honorable defenders be a role model for us in their courage and love for truth and life! Let us also be honorable defenders, steadfast in defending Truth and Life, let us not let anyone take away our Love! If we allow human hypocrisy, greed and wickedness to take away the truth of true Love, human wickedness will destroy that truth and our posterity stray from the path of Truth and Life, thus erasing our historical survival!

Whoever loses his corporal life, because of the defense of Truth and Life (for the general benefit of mankind), his soul will never die, but will live forever!

May Truth and Life win! Praised Jesus and Mary!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

© Kristijan Nokaj