posted on: April 12, 2019 11:45

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Material and Spiritual Wealth

Reasonable people today respect money solely as an auxiliary tool – a driver of the economy. However, there is clearly nothing in the world that a mindless or evil man will not abuse.

Because of human selfishness (insatiable material accumulation ...), ignorance (dumbness, incompetence) and wickedness (to someone else's detriment, misfortune, robbery and deception),¨money¨ becomes a reason for mutual human destruction, slavery ..., as if that were the meaning of human life on the planet.

Poor industrial management, excessive mindless and unnecessary accumulation ..., destroy natural resources (water, forests and all living environment), and all living things, which ultimately result in grave consequences for all humanity!

The destruction of the environment of life – the planet, creates inevitable famine, wars and grave disasters ..., until the complete self-destruction of mankind on the planet.

A reasonable man and a reasonable state results in a general healthy economy, which is not to the detriment of either people or planets, which is impossible to achieve without true knowledge – without capable and honorable people in important state positions.

The mere fact that someone is materially rich or poor says nothing. Material wealth does not make man spiritual, nor unenforced, more valuable, nor less valuable before the Creator!

Even sensible billionaires (who are also spiritually wealthy) will most likely invest their material wealth in the most necessary breakthroughs for the common good of humanity. A few examples: Inventor Nikola Tesla (of Croatian descent) who could have become a billionaire, but for the good of humanity gave up his billions (canceling his contract ...). Andrew Carnegie (of Scottish descent) – king of steel in the 19th century in the USA – in, voluntarily made the world concert hall, Christian cathedral, peace funds and various cultural institutions. Chemist and peacemaker Alfred Nobel (of Swedish descent), who in the 19th century was a member of the Croatian National Park. He also invented dynamite for more peaceful purposes (for construction work, tunnels, roads, mines ...), and in the end he left all his billions in a fund for the benefit of humanity.

There are also materially poor and materially rich people in the world who are extremely naughty and extremely good.

Someone made a fortune by looting, scams... (through someone else's misfortune, damage and helplessness) ... because of his immorality and depravity, and someone made materially rich with his work ... – in the correct way (to no one's detriment).

Equally, someone is materially poor by their guilt, because of their laziness, ignorance and light-heartedness ..., while someone has become materially poor, not through their own fault, but because of someone's deception, robbery or aggression, while someone is impoverished by natural disasters – by no one's fault!

That's why I say it's mindless to value any man by poverty or wealth. The honor of man is not valued for material wealth or poverty.

In human history lived materially poor people, who with their lives (spirituality and knowledge – inner wealth) made the world better and more beautiful. Similarly, there lived materially rich people, who also made the world better and more beautiful with their lives!

Whether materially rich, or materially poor man, never has to neglect his true love, his true wealth – spiritual and life values because of his job!

One should never forget what the meaning of life is, because not a man lives to work, but works to live. Let our work not become the cause of losing what is truly most valuable, but through our work let us preserve it.

It is a great wealth, when with the people we work with, they are not only acquaintances, but also friends, and even greater wealth if we are true friends in our own family!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

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