posted on: April 30, 2019 18:43

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

Awake in Truth

In our lives, with common sense, we persistently witness the truth and only the truth, because only in this way can we be sure that we will have the support of the Mystery All-present Living Truth!

Let us testify for the general benefit and not be unilateral in justice (i.e., unjust), but may our righteousness be true, may Jesus Christ be a role model for us in equal righteousness towards all people (not only to our closers ...).

For all our testimonies (in the Spirit of Truth and Life), let us be ready to defend ourselves, because of the mindless and malicious who (because of their selfish breakthroughs) will surely try to in turn our testimonies around, only to denigrate and condemn us, thus stopping us from spreading the Truth!

With the truth, let us expose all political historical, scientific and religious misconceptions – pranks ..., those that bring down fundamental life values, true knowledge and pro-spiritedness!

Every human evil in the world loses its power the moment common sense and facts are exposed, because misguided, deceived people except to stop blindly following and upholding that evil, they begin to bring it down themselves! There is no such evil "mighty man" in the world who cannot be overthrown by his own conscious people - nation!

In the Spirit of Truth, we find true peace and strength! Only with truth do we defend ourselves as persistently and unwaveringly as the Rock, otherwise we cannot have the support of the Almighty Omniscient Creator (all visible and invisible, known and unknown, accessible and inaccessible ...)!

Let us be virtuous in our actions, not like hypocrites ..., because hypocrites and all kinds of criminals of mankind, defend ie. justify the lie with new lies, thus decapitating themselves and their blind followers, as well as their offspring with lies, to the detriment of truth and the common good!

Throughout our earthly life, let us enrich ourselves with proven true knowledge, because the real school of life never ends!

Let us be vigilant teachers of life, above all in our families, because in our own family it is most difficult to be a truly correct and good teacher!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

© 2021 Kristijan Nokaj