posted on: May 9, 2019 22:11

[Important note: The text was originally written in Croatian. Google translated into English.]

We testify to our children, neighbors, and others of life's fundamental values, of benevolence to all living beings.

Let us strive for absolute goodness, let us believe in the Good, let us act for the common good and let us be good with our lives (the right way of life).

However, let us always be aware that in addition to good, there is also a hidden evil in the world, which is why we must not leave out, or ignore vigilance and defense (for our survival, the survival of the people, humanity and all that is alive)!

Necessary defense

Defense is one of the Creator's Defaults within us and is necessarily necessary for man in all circumstances of life! Therefore, may defense be mandatory for every right and honest man, and this is especially true for the true followers of Jesus—Christians.

With true knowledge, common sense, we defend ourselves against every kind of imposed dumbing down (distorted knowledge, political and religious pranks ...), in order to preserve their inner wealth and continue to progress on their further honest life path.

By true sobriety and spirituality with life's good deeds, we defend ourselves against all kinds of human delusions and pranks, which threaten true peace, incite misdeeds and lead us away from true spirituality! Equally, required is a defense and from physical assault (threats to property, life or homeland).

Ignore Defense

If we neglect vigilance and defense, the enemies of the Truth can easily steal from us - "capture" the knowledge of the Truth, in order to distort it and replace it with their ideological, scribes lies and fabrications.

In this way, they would take us to the brain and spiritual desert—from true spirituality, common sense ..., from the correct path of living towards the Creator's mind and becoming slaves to human lies and deception, and fighting (and inadvertently) fighting in favor of evil, at the expense of oneself and the common good indefinitely to total self-destruction!

A human alienated from the truth can easily become a participant in evil ideology, spreading the contagion itself - lies under the truth, confusing life values—human wickedness by accepting under good, human injustice under justice. and thus becomes a participant in evil deeds to which he destroys his soul, and loses eternal life!

Neglect of defense (for whatever reason), only corresponds to robbers, criminals, criminals and all kinds of enemies of man, nation and state.

What can we expect as virtuous people, if we disregard the defense and fall into the hands of criminals (whoever they may be)? With certainty a difficult calvary of life, to be robbed, humiliated, tortured and ultimately (physically) killed, or as a mercy we might be given the opportunity to become participants in evil ourselves.

The moment we agreed to become subjects of evil, we would renounce themselves (everything that makes us honorable i) and we agree to live on “knees” by worshiping human evil.

By surrendering to imposed slavery, in addition to easily becoming servants of evil, they would also betray the meaning of their existence — the dignity of man, and lose their souls, i.e. their souls. eternal life!

Unshakable – unfaltering like Rock

It is better (as an honorable man) to even lose a corporal life in defense of evil, than to surrender at the mercy of criminals, into the hands of those who do not care about the truth, do not care about honor, do not care about honesty and do not respect Life.

If we, like the Rock, watch unwaveringly in defense of Truth and Life, we will preserve the knowledge of the Truth, that truth that truly enlightens us and makes us truly rich (spiritually and scientifically)!

As such— righteous and vigilant (in the Spirit of Jesus' teaching—original Christianity) we will walk in the face of true knowledge and spirituality, knowing where we are going, where we want to go, and which path we should walk!

In the Spirit of Truth and Life, let us preserve the fundamental values of life, the healthy worldview of our ancestors and the very meaning of man's becoming!

Living properly in the Spirit of the Almighty and All-present Creator (all life and life environment ...), we will have true inner peace and preserve the goodness of our soul and the dignity of man, and if we lose our bodily life in defense of evil, our souls will live forever!

By choosing a life, i.e., by choosing a life. we stand in defense of life and life values (when we need it), with such an honorable and responsible way of life, we actually truly side with the Mystery, which is the Source of Eternal Life!

Author: Kristijan Nokaj

(Photos: Jeremy Bishop, Knightfall, © Jordin Althaus/Fox)

© Kristijan Nokaj